We are game changers. We are world shakers. We are innovators. We are history makers. Here at the frontier, the ground is ours, the future wide open. Nobody can catch us. We are Sparkling Drink Systems – Innovation Center, creators of the world’s most extraordinary home carbonation drinks machines.

We are perpetual pioneers on a journey to drive drinks tech forward. Every step we make is based on real customer demand – challenging, inspiring and always wildly diverse.

It’s led us to develop the industry’s most advanced CO2 cylinder machines and, over the past seven years, to imagine bold new possibilities beyond them. We knew many wanted freedom from refills, so we innovated step by step towards that, inventing our ingenious disposable minis along the way. Now we’re ready to storm the drinks industry with a revolution 
like no other.

Our patented stiixx technology is the start of something refreshingly radical – a tiny stick packed tight with years of groundbreaking R&D. This is no gimmick, no quick trick.

Scientically developed for optimum carbonation, gorgeous visuals and phenomenal flavor, it’s cylinder free and ready to explode onto the drinks market. Partnering with famous brands and the biggest in the drinks industry, we are bringing the at-home carbonation category a new way to blow the customers’ mind.