"The absolute nightmare is awaiting and has yet to be revealed in the marketplace or to Keurig Green Mountain. 
Imagine this readers and investors. Imagine a product that can carbonate without the use of a small appliance.

Is there such a thing? Is such a concept coming to the market in the near future? What would that type of product do to Keurig and/or SodaStream and other market participants?"

Seth Golden, Seeking Alpha, June 16th 2015.


We don't need to imagine it - we created it!

We are SDS, creators of the world’s extraordinary hydration line up.

We are perpetual pioneers on a journey to drive drinks tech forward. Every step we make is based on real customer demand – challenging, inspiring and always wildly diverse. We knew consumers wanted freedom from CO2 cylinders, so we innovated step by step towards that, leading to BE, the industry’s first CO2 cylinder free beverage appliances and on-the-go beverage solutions.

Our R&D success was not limited to the appliance, in fact quite the contrary. The BE line convinced us that our unique technology should be adapted for all types of beverage; hot and cold, still and sparkling and we succeeded in developing a full range of flavors using our sophisticated patented encapsulated powder technology which delivers perfect taste and real functional benefits. As well as our debut at IHA and subsequent US retail road show, over the last 6 months we have carried out an intense market testing and consumer focus group exercise. We listened to the market and the feedback was clear - our powder is perfect but consumers don’t want an appliance and they don’t want to see the powder dropping.

We always knew that the secret was not in the appliance but in the powder! Consumers are crying out for a solution that not only tastes great but is good for the environment, healthy and dietetic, fully customizable, inexpensive and above all, can be made anytime, anywhere! We have therefore redeveloped our delivery system and widened our line up to give consumers everything they want, without an appliance and without a capsule!

Consumers want on-the-go, they want hydration, they want flavor, they want healthy. We give them the world’s first ever HYDRATION BEVERAGE MAKER RANGE.

We have done it. We are the “announced” nightmare. We are SDS.

If you want to know more about this incredible innovation, please send email to weare@sparklingds.com